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Be More than a Seller. Be a Leader.

Quizell is a revolutionary sales tool that combines self-guided customer journeys with personalized product recommendations at scale. Our mission is twofold:

Help you increase customer engagement, sales, and loyalty with personalized experiences; and

Deliver data-driven insights into what your customers want so you can create even better buying experiences and stand out from your competitors.

Product Recommendation


Create an account and choose from our <<Free>> or <<Paid>> plans.


Upload questions and answers to our Quiz Creator to guide customers on their buying journeys.


Customize your quiz with your brand colors, images, logos, or other elements to make it unique. We can also create a quiz on your behalf.


Embed your quiz on your website and watch your sales skyrocket!

How Quizell Helps You Sell More

Decrease the Number of Product Returns

By knowing your customers' likes and dislikes, you can better predict purchasing behavior and prevent them from making returns. Our clients have seen 12% fewer returns since implementing Quizell.

Keep Customers Coming Back

Better buying experiences help you earn customers for life. Let your quizzes help you sell more on the spot, then nurture your customers with ongoing newsletters that give them reasons to return for more.

Personalize the Buying Experience

Too many options can chase your customers away. Quizell creates a better way — Capture more sales opportunities by making personalized product recommendations. Showcase the products that meet their needs and tune out the rest.

Create Massive Customer Engagement.

The more people that interact with your brand, the better your company performs. With 10,000+ engagements per day, Quizell opens marketing avenues that businesses may have never even thought possible in the past.


Got more questions? We’re here to help you sell and serve.

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