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5 Keys for an Effective Product Recommendation Quiz

Quizell Team 2022-08-25

5 Keys for an Effective Product Recommendation Quiz

Adding a product recommendation quiz to your eCommerce website is like having a full-time sales associate on your side. Learn about your customers’ needs, match them with relevant products, and earn more sales! To get the most out of your quiz, follow these best practices for success:

1. Stick to 4-6 Questions

The most successful product recommendation quizzes get right to the point. Your customers don’t want to wade through endless clicking and information. Try to stick to 4-6 questions so that people will finish the quiz and get their recommendations.

2. Don’t Require Unnecessary Information

Asking for the customer’s name and email address can help you collect and nurture leads. This lets you continue the conversation even if the customer doesn’t make a purchase. But don’t require it in order for customers to get their results. You’ll get higher completion rates when this information is optional.

3. Brand Your Quiz

Design the quiz aesthetics to match your website design and brand. This makes your quiz look like it belongs, plus it reinforces your brand image.

4. Review Your Quiz Analytics Often

Your quiz collects data with every question answered. Review this data often to continue optimizing your quiz for the best engagement. For example, you can look to see where people are dropping out of the quiz if they don’t finish it. You can also update the results as you get new products in stock or want to push more sales of a certain product.

5. Think Outside the Basic Box

Keep it fun! Instead of asking boring, straightforward questions, you can build questions around a theme or add some humor to get your customers to open up.


For example, if you’re selling cosmetics and want to know about skin sensitivity, you might ask:


What’s your face like after a day at the beach?


  • Smooth as a pearl
  • Rough as a starfish
  • Lobster red


These sound more engaging than plain-vanilla answers, plus the beach image puts their skin texture into context.

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