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How to Build a Quiz that Sells

Quizell Team 2021-07-11

Using quizzes as part of the sales process is a highly underrated way to boost your conversions. A quiz provides insights into a person’s preferences and needs, and can recommend personalized products or solutions based on their answers.

How do you create a quiz that effectively sells? Utilize these best practices to sell almost anything through a quiz:

Start with the End in Mind

When designing a sales quiz, start by considering your products or services as the end goal. Design your questions to help quiz takers identify their pain points and guide them towards the best-fit solutions.

Effective Question Types for Quizzes

The types of questions you use in your quiz should connect prospects to the right solutions. Consider including the following:

  • Demographic Questions — Determine if your prospect fits your target audience (e.g., geographic region, industry, age).
  • Personality Questions — Gain insights into your prospect’s values and priorities.
  • Problem-Solving Questions — Identify the primary issues your prospects want to address.
  • Outcome-Focused Questions — Understand your prospects' desired outcomes.
  • Price Sensitivity Questions — Ascertain their budget and cost expectations.

Designing questions that cover these aspects can help you understand the quiz taker's needs, leading to a tailored solution that checks all the boxes.

Building a Quiz that Sells Made Easy

Creating a quiz that doubles as an effective sales funnel is easier with the right tools. Quizell enables you to create custom-branded quizzes to scale product recommendations to customers. Get started with your first quiz easily and effectively!

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