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Quizell: A Revolution in E-commerce Product Recommendation

Quizell Team 2022-07-28

In the year 2020, in-person shopping was almost completely shut down. This forced businesses to quickly pivot and move toward a more digital model. E-commerce was already on the rise, but became an absolute necessity as the Covid-19 pandemic stretched on.

By all estimates, this trend toward online shopping shows no signs of stopping. Businesses are desperately looking for ways to stand out amongst their peers, while also increasing customer engagement and sales. The perfect solution has been developed in Quizell: an interactive product recommendation quiz that has been shown to improve sales.

What is Quizell?

Quizell is a company that launched in 2021 which helps businesses of all sizes and from all industries boost sales and customer engagement by creating quizzes that help narrow down consumer preferences. The service offers multiple impressive templates that clients can choose from for their quizzes.

Why Should My Business Use Quizell?

In the competitive online market, it can be incredibly hard to gain traction. If you know the preferences of your customer base, you have the opportunity to capitalize on this data and increase your sales numbers.

Quizell clients have been extremely impressed with the return on investment from integrating product recommendation quizzes into their websites:

  • Product Returns Have Decreased.When you know more about what your customers want through the use of a product recommendations quiz, you decrease the chance that a customer will regret their purchase and want to return the product. In fact, Quizell users have seen a 12% decrease in returns since using the service.
  • Greater Sales Numbers. Customers are attracted to websites that are better tailored to their wants and needs. Through the use of Quizell, you can reach more customers and improve your sales numbers significantly. Data from Quizell’s clients so far indicates a 9% increase in sales.
  • Improved Customer Engagement. Quizell clients have seen massive increases in customer engagement, in some cases up to 10,000 engagements a day.

Enticing Features Bring in More Quizell Clients Daily

Quizell offers a variety of premium feature options that can appeal to all businesses:

  • 1. Full Functionality. Quizell uses the best available technology to ensure that you have access to a premium product.
  • 2. Simplistic but Impressive Design. With Quizell, businesses have access to an eye-catching product that looks incredibly complex, but is easy enough for anyone to use.
  • 3. Multiple Language Options. Quizell’s powerful technology allows businesses to translate quizzes into any language they like. This way, you can reach customers all across the globe.
  • 4. In-depth Analytics. At both pricing options, businesses have access to some of the most powerful analytic features on the market.

Should I Use Quizell for My E-Commerce Product Recommendation Service?

With Quizell’s worry-free, easy-to-use service, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are partnering with them. Quizell customers can choose the free plan to enjoy all of the features available through the pro plan.

To be competitive in today’s online market, businesses need to invest in e-commerce product recommendation software, and Quizell is the obvious choice for businesses of all types and sizes.

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