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Using Marketing Quizzes for In-Store Selling

Quizell team 2021-07-08

Benefits of Using a Marketing Quiz for In-Store Selling

A product recommendation quiz or marketing quiz asks customers questions to gather their preferences or needs and recommend products for them. There are multiple benefits of incorporating these into your in-store experience.

Improve Upsell Rates

Marketing quizzes can recommend products customers love but may not have found on their own. They make the purchase and give you the lucrative advantage of making upsells you wouldn’t have made otherwise.

Enhance Customer Service Without Expensive Training

Customers love when your employees are knowledgeable enough to recommend products they might enjoy, but it’s expensive to train your employees so thoroughly. After all, the average cost to train a new employee is almost $1900. With a product recommendation quiz, you get the benefits of making curated customer recommendations without spending valuable time and money on in-depth staff training.

How Can I Implement a Marketing Quiz In-Store?

If your in-store experience could benefit from a product recommendation quiz, there are a few ways to implement it. Quizell can help you create a customized web-based quiz your customers can take on in-store kiosks, or your employees can administer this quiz from their tablets. For an additional fee, we can turn your quiz into a customized app for your employees to use on their tablets.


Whatever the best solution may be for your business, you can get started today. Learn more about Quizell productrecommendation quizzes.

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