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Why Every E-Commerce Store Needs a Product Recommendation Quiz

Quizell Team 2022-07-30

When you’re operating an e-commerce store, there’s an ongoing puzzle you’re trying to solve: how do you bring in more revenue? Maybe you need to pull in more traffic, convince existing customers to shop more often, or upsell customers on their existing carts. It’s like a game, trying to find the missing pieces that will send your profits soaring.


One option you’ve probably overlooked is a product recommendation quiz. To help you find your next puzzle piece, we’re laying out everything you need to know about product recommendation quizzes and how to easily create one for your store.

How Does an E-Commerce Product Recommendation Quiz Work?

An e-commerce product recommendation quiz is like a 24/7 sales assistant. Customers take this quiz and answer questions that discover their likes and dislikes, the occasion or purpose they’re shopping for, and so on. With those answers, the quiz shows them recommended products in your store. You customize your quiz to fit your shop and the relevant details that will help you make a recommendation.

Why You Need a Product Recommendation Quiz

There are several advantages to a product recommendation quiz. Spoiler alert, though: they all lead to a better bottom line for your e-commerce store.

Capitalize on Upsell Opportunities

A product recommendation quiz is a fantastic path toward upselling and cross-selling. It sends customers in a direction they may not have found on their own, recommending items they didn’t realize they wanted or needed.

Enhance the Shopping Experience

For many customers, shopping isn’t a chore; it’s something relaxing and enjoyable. Many shoppers love taking online quizzes and love getting recommendations because it may lead them to treasures they wouldn’t have found otherwise. Your product recommendation quiz offers some added fun to the shopping experience, so it brings back shoppers again and again.

Increase Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a common challenge for e-commerce. In brick-and-mortar shops, you can strategically place displays and items to direct shoppers’ attention. When people are shopping online, they might be just popping in to search for a specific product or they might be passively browsing while watching TV.


If you can get them more actively engaged in your digital storefront, they’re likely to buy more items rather than absentmindedly scrolling past. A product recommendation quiz is a fantastic way to improve customer engagement. It adds a more interactive element to the shopping experience and pulls in the customers’ attention.

How to Create and Implement Your Own Product Recommendation Quiz

Want to rake in the benefits of having a product recommendation quiz for your e-commerce shop? It’s simpler than you think if you have the right tools in your corner.


Quizell specializes in guiding you through the process to create your e-commerce product recommendation quiz. With user-friendly templates and guidance throughout the process, along with a ready-made interface you don’t have to create from scratch as well as a Shopify app and numerous integrations, we make it quick and easy to create and implement your quiz.


Find out for yourself today. Try Quizell and learn how we can help you add one more puzzle piece to boosting your sales.

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